The Scrum

In a world… where words are still printed on paper… even though the Internet exists… some journalists are still trying to make print media happen. Sydney is one of the newest rats on this sinking ship, and it seems like everyone is out to get her. Can she successfully deal with reluctant sources, professional and romantic rivals, candidates who won’t stop gaffe-ing, and … the occasional ghost? and make a place for herself in this disappearing world — while successfully evading comparisons to Zoe Barnes?
Directed by Jenna Duncan
Dramaturgy by Megan Westman
Featuring: Frank Cervarich, Sara Dabney Tisdale,  Louis E. Davis, Awa al Secka, and Dani Stoller
Directed by Jenna Duncan
Dramaturgy by Megan Westman
Featuring: Frank Cervarich, Sara Dabney Tisdale,  Louis E. Davis, Awa al Secka, and Dani Stoller

The Playwright

Alexandra Petri
Alexandra is the author of numerous plays, including THE CAMPSITE RULE (Washington Rogues, Page to Stage), RARE MEDIUM WELL DONE (Active Cultures), HOOKUPS (Panndora’s Box Productions, Santa Ana), ONE ROOM OVER (Rising Sun Performance Company, NYC), TRAGEDY AVERTED (Capital Fringe 2013), MISS EMMA’S MATCHMAKING AGENCY FOR LITERARY CHARACTERS (Capital Fringe 2014), WHAT FRESH HELL (Active Cultures Theater), YOUNG REPUBLICANS (Capital Fringe 2012) and TREETOP IDOL (Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation Teen Performance Ensemble). As an undergraduate she wrote two shows as a member of the first all-female writing team for Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals. Her plays have taken her from New York to Cambridge to Santa Ana to Bermuda to several elementary schools that seemed confused that she was there.

She writes a daily blog and weekly columns for the Washington Post. Her essay collection “A Field Guide to Awkward Silences” is available from Penguin right now!

Alexandra is a member of the BMI workshop currently working (with Jack Mitchell) on a musical adaptation of P. G. Wodehouse’s “A Damsel In Distress” and “Young Romantics” (with Sam Linden) a rock musical about Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, & co. Her play “Never Never” opens in Capital Fringe this summer.

About the Season

Washington DC is a city of history, a unique city that serves as the political epicenter of the United States- its biggest claim to fame. However, within the countless cubicles on K Street, running paths in Rock Creek Park, and alleyways in Anacostia, there exist people, happenings, & history. This “history” may never find its way into textbooks or the Washington Post, but those who reside in the District can acknowledge it without seeing the facets in print. These stories represent the people and cultural landscape of The District and have always and will always be the cornerstone of Washington DC’s identity.

“What’s in our backyard?” is a season of discovering the past, present and future of Washington, DC. We will use the stories, known, unknown, and yet to be known, of our nation’s capital as inspiration for two world premiere productions. We’re excited to have commissioned Alexandra Petri to investigate the new role of journalism in the instant gratification era of modern Washington. In addition, Matt Schleigh and I are excited to rediscover the infamous CIA spy, Rick Ames, in Field Trip Theatre’s first foray into musical theatre.

In addition to these two world premieres, Field Trip Theatre has an exciting new play development project in the works. More information on this to come very soon.

On behalf of Field Trip Theatre I invite you to join us for our 2015-2016 season, do some exploration of your own and ask, “What’s in my own backyard?” I think you’ll be surprised on what you might uncover.

Nick Vargas
Artistic Director

The Playwrights

Matthew Schleigh
Nick Vargas
Matthew has never written a play before. So thanks, Nick. Usually he spends his time acting in plays. When he’s not acting, he’s playing guitar in bands. Some Theatres who have kindly hired him include Shakespeare Theatre, Ford’s, Everyman, Imagination Stage, Toby’s, and Constellation, among others. Look up The Chance Club and The Hooligans on Facebook to see where he’s playing guitar next. He’s got a wife and two cats, though the wife prefers he not refer to her as “the wife” but more respectfully as “Jess” (which happens to be her name too). On Tuesday nights he plays Destiny on PS4 under the handle “ManlyHolly”, which is another story altogether.

Nick has spent the last few years of his life hiding away his passion for crafting words and characters on the page, focusing on directing, but no more. He has previously written for the twenty-four hour play festival in Bethesda and has hoards of half written scripts stored away on his hard drive. He is excited to collaborate with Matt on this exciting venture and is looking forward to sharing it with the DC community. Nick is the Artistic Director of Field Trip in addition to serving as the Casting Coordinator and Artistic Associate at Imagination Stage.

Join the Fun

Interested in being a part of the development of these new plays? We’re looking for collaborative actors, dramaturgs, designers, and directors to work on these and future new play development projects.  Email us for more information!